Internet Providers in Phoenix

It's hard to say who the best high speed internet provider is in Phoenix, not because none of them are great but because they all offer something unique.

DSL Internet

One popular option is DSL. It actually provides the fastest speeds in Phoenix. The maximum speed available is an astonishing 40 Mbps. There are also bargain plans available starting at just 1.5 Mbps. This wide range of options means that each resident can carefully consider their needs and decide which one is best for them. DSL in the area is offered by CenturyLink.

Cable Options

Cable internet is provided by Cox Communications. The range in speeds starts at 3 Mbps with a maximum at 27 Mbps. Cox also offers cable TV and digital phone services. If you're looking to have several different technologies, then you'll likely find that they're most affordable when you bundle them all together. These technologies work through existing cable lines so there's usually minimal installation or set-up worries.

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There are some other interesting things going on with Cox Communications too. They offer a really comprehensive parental control program that's free of charge. Basically, parents can set limits as to how long kids can spend on time, they can block certain websites, and they can monitor their child's internet usage. Another free program is the ability to use their online backup system. You can store your pictures, files, and other important documents.

To give you an idea of the difference a faster connection can make, consider the average song file size of 4 MB. A plan on the lower end of 1.5 Mbps would be able to download a song in 26 seconds. The fastest option offered, 40 Mbps, could download this song in one second. As you can see, speed does make a difference, but most people can find a balance between price and speed.

Mobile Options

Many folks in Phoenix are always on the go, and for them Sprint Mobile might be the right choice. It allows users to create a hotspot where ever and whenever it's convenient for them. This is a great choice if you spend your time throughout the Phoenix region.

The main disadvantage of using Sprint Mobile is that there are data caps. In actuality, this can be good for residents who use less data on a regular basis. They can choose a lower plan, for example 3 GB per month, and can pay less than someone who uses much more – which will seem rather fair. On the other end, those who spend a lot of time online may choose the 12 GB plan. No matter how much data you sign up for, you'll get the super fast wireless speed Sprint offers.

No matter which of the internet providers in Phoenix you select, one thing is certain - if you have a need for speed, you definitely have some excellent choices available to you.


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